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What is a Co-op?

In joining a co-operative preschool, you make a special commitment to your child by becoming an active participant in his or her early education. We hope that after this positive beginning, parents will be inspired to remain continually involved in their child’s future education.

Co-op Expectations

Your active participation at West St. Paul Nursery School includes a certain number of co-teaching days each month during which parents participate alongside our teacher. Co-teaching days are a fundamental part of the co-op experience, allowing us to deliver an excellent child-adult ratio for maximum enrichment of the children, while meeting government guidelines and keeping enrolment fees as low as possible.

Other responsibilities for co-op parents include committee participation, attending General Meetings and active participation in fundraising for the school.

Co-teaching is what makes being part of the co-operative experience so much fun. Parents have the opportunity to meet other parents while interacting with their child and his/her friends.

Through your family’s commitment of time, skills and energy to West St. Paul Nursery School, parents and children reap rewards through the quality of the program, friendships with other families and contributing to the school and community.

The Board of Directors holds monthly meetings. If you would like to bring a matter before the board, please bring it forward to the President of the board so that your concerns can be placed on the agenda. The correspondence can be left at the nursery school for the board.


West St. Paul Nursery School is a non-profit organization that runs on tuition fees as well as fundraising and government grants. Information regarding fundraising events will be provided to parents through monthly newsletters.